What is Perfect Asta Collagen?

A simple inner care to guarantee your beauty

A series of beauty foods featuring collagen which you should take as a daily habit to guarantee your beauty, and adding various ingredients that enhance your attractiveness

We used low-molecular collagen, an ingredient common to this series that focuses on superb absorption, and added attractiveness-enhancing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and placenta extract.
The products come in different types, such as powder, drink, liquid, and gelée, so you can choose one suited to your lifestyle and different situations.

Series characteristics
Upgraded Collagen® and Bitaishitsu (beautiful-composition) Lactobacillus®
Characteristic No.1
“Upgraded Collagen®” is a low-molecular collagen.
Characteristic No.2
The original* Bitaishitsu Lactobacillus® supports the absorption and production of collagen.

*An original material created through joint research between the Asahi Group and the Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

It replenishes beauty to suit usage situations and purpose